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Adaptation Work Group
Chairs: Scudder Mackey and Leo Asuncion
CSO Staff: Open

The Adaptation Work Group provides guidance to CSO on legislative and policy issues related to climate change. They engage with the White House Council on Environmental Quality and other federal agencies on priorities for coastal resilience and adaptation. The Work Group developed a Coastal Hazards Policy for CSO, which was adopted in 2013.



Beach and Inlet Management Work Group
Chair: Braxton Davis
CSO Staff: Bradley Watson

Healthy beaches and navigable inlets are at the heart of many coastal economies, yet we do not have a coherent or comprehensive approach to managing these resources at the federal level. While each coastal state has adopted unique regulatory and planning frameworks under the Coastal Zone Management Act, state coastal programs are often engaged in beachfront permitting, permit coordination, and/or permit streamlining (e.g. construction setbacks and coastal engineering projects); beach and inlet mapping, monitoring, and research; policy development; public information and outreach; and public access enhancement projects. The Beach and Inlet Work Group coordinates state and federal CZ program efforts in beach and inlet management and develops a CSO Policy on Beach and Inlet Management in cooperation with partners including ASBPA, FEMA, NOAA, and the US Army Corps.


Coastal Non-point Pollution System Work Group
Chair: Randy Shaneyfelt
CSO Staff: Grant Williams

  • Coastal NPS

The Coastal NPS Work Group facilitates information sharing between federal agencies and states and works with states (individually/collectively) to respond to Water Quality related issues as needed.