Adaptation Work Group Call Notes

August 30, 2018


Kim Cole (DE)

Bobbak (WA)

Kristine Shirley

Scudder Mackey (OH)

Peter Francis (CT)

Whitney Gray (FL)

Ronda W (MI)

Matt Warner (MI)

Pete Slovinsky (ME)

Sylvia Collins (IN)

Larry Goldsband (CA)

Barbara Neale (SC)

Welcome and member roll call (Bri Cotti-Rausch)

Bri began with a short overview of the survey results – for a full report please refer to the Excel document on the webpage where responses are broken out by question. And please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Keep to 30 minutes so that members can join the Appropriations discussion.

Co-Chairs take over the call:

Bobbak – need a team lead for each project someone that is a strong lead so that we can divide and conquer. Discuss ideas for who may want to sign up for the different teams and also think about getting the group together at the Fall meeting.

Open for Questions.

Any burning desires for folks to take any of the projects on:

Scudder – policy subcommittee and also interest in resilience stories; continue to document the success stories we have.

Barbara – participating in the policy subcommittee

Kim Cole – policy

Michelle Jesperson – policy subcommittee

Pete S. – success stories

Sylvia – success stories & peer-to-peer knowledge exchange

Ronda – policy subcommittee (not tracking investments)

Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange:

Bridget will take the lead on this

Barbara – interested in this as well

Scudder – interested in speaking on this

Bobbak – is this internal or are we looking more broadly like OCM or will this look like the NOAA-OCM FEMA call

Toolkit paper:

Bobbak will take the lead on this

Matt W – Michigan activities are well aligned with the toolkit paper

Bobbak reiterates that we will report out on this – and others will have the opportunity to contribute later on; if we divide and conquer we will have plenty to report on over the next year. Opens the floor up to brainstorming on other topics – any comments or clarification on the topics? Is there anything more specific that we are looking for? Will help the peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.

Pete (ME) – Have been harping on Living shorelines (LS) and have a regional project funded by TNC and working to research the status of LS, and come to an understanding of why they are not being implemented. Goal is for each state to implement and establish a regional monitoring protocol that would meet the requirements of state and federal agency needs.

Bobbak – like the idea of posing specific questions to the group where you feel you can provide feedback from the group

Scudder – this would work nicely because other states have challenges with living shorelines and adapt regulatory issues and how to get over these and move a project forward. Another topic that comes to mind is for programs that are doing on-the-ground implementation whether they are doing that directly or through pass-through grants and it is a large time sink and depends on how you allot your staff time and still learning how to do this efficiently without occupying much staff time to devote to this issue. Project management/grants management for on-the-ground implementation.

Sylvia – currently working on 309 projects and wetlands inventory and mapping and learn about what other areas are doing and what they are working on when in comes to resilience and things of that nature.

Bobbak – will keep the brainstorming alive and send out a list of these projects who will be taking the efforts

Call ends at 4:00