Leo Asuncion welcomes members and takes roll call.

Members present: Leo Asuncion (HI); Steve Couture (NH); Ronda Wuycheck (MI); Jill Andrews (GA); Kathleen Leyden (ME); Don Benczkowski (PA); Mike Friis (WI); Kevin Claridge (FL); Patty Snow (OR)

CSO staff present: Mary Munson; Bradley Watson; Grant Williams; Norma Longhi; John Ryan-Henry

Approval of minutes from June 21, 2017

Kevin Claridge moves to approve the June minutes; Steve Couture seconds the motion; minutes are approved unanimously.


Mr. Asuncion announces the hiring of Mike Molnar as CSO’s Coastal Management Specialist.

Treasurer and Membership Dues Report

Mr. Couture reviews the document included in the Treasurer’s Report and states that expenses are on track. He discusses and updates members on the current status of the IWR contract and states that there will not be much impact on this year’s budget. On the revenue side, Mr. Couture points out that CSSF grant spending is slow, but on schedule.

Norma Longhi reports on CSO’s dues and states that she has not received any additional payments.

Chair’s Initiative Update – CSO Strategic Plan

Mr. Asuncion states he is still working on a document that covers the details of the retreat. He states that a final draft will be shared soon with members. Mr. Asuncion also reminds members that the notes provided by Jan (retreat facilitator) were distributed earlier in the summer and adds that his draft document should supplement her notes.

Hill report

  • Status of Friends Letter (Industry)

Grant Williams suggests a minor edit to the current letter to remove the language regarding the Presidents proposed budget cuts that will not alter the overall message of the letter.  He asks board members for approval. Mr. Asuncion agrees with the change, as long as the content is not altered. Mr. Couture asks for additional details. Mr. Williams explains that the minor change is only needed for editing purposes.

  • Appropriations

Mr. Williams shares with members that the House Appropriations Committee is releasing its mark-up for CJS tomorrow and adds that the report language was announced earlier today. More details will be shared with members once he has a chance to review the full document.  

  • Other

Bradley Watson shares that he is soliciting oversight issues regarding the Corps of Engineers – policies or agency oversight – from the members. Mr. Watson suggests to send an email to members asking for their input. There are no objections.

Fall Meeting Planning Committee (Agenda, Keynote Speakers, other)

Mr. Asuncion begins the discussion and reminds members that a draft of the agenda was attached with the EC meeting announcement. Ms. Longhi updates members on the most recent changes to the agenda and shares that the next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for July 24th. Mary Munson reveals that additional changes to the agenda were made by her earlier today, and that she will send an updated version as soon as possible.

Mr. Asuncion shares that invitations were sent out to all key note speakers.

Mr. Couture inquiries about CSO’s Fall meeting subsidy structure. Ms. Munson suggests to have a separate meeting on the issue.

NOAA-Led National CZM Strategic Plan (July 18 – 19)

Mr. Asuncion discusses the upcoming NOAA strategic plan and asks Ms. Munson to share the details on the most recent call with the agency. Ms. Munson shares that NOAA has revealed the outline plan that will be used to guide the strategic process.

Ronda Wuycheck shares her concerns and asks what information from the board retreat will be shared with the agency. Mr. Claridge states that no information has been shared yet. He also mentions that on a previous meeting the decision was to only disclose the swat analysis produced during the retreat.

Mr. Claridge discusses the possibility of scheduling a debriefing call with members of the EC following the in person meetings. Mr. Watson states that he will send out a scheduling poll with possible times.

Work Group Updates

Mr. Williams shares that the next NPS meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 17th.

Mr. Watson shares that a final draft of the Tools White Paper will be ready for review by next week.

Mr. Asuncion adds that the last Adaptation Work Group was very productive.

CZMA Regulatory Reform Comments Request

Mr. Watson discusses the recent Federal Register notice and asks members to please review the attached response document included in the meeting announcement email.

John Ryan-Henry proposes and discusses a strategy to submit comments. He adds that comment period will end on August 21st. He asks members for specific examples and states that examples provided may be included on CSO’s letter.

Mr. Watson asks members if they agree to move forward with the suggested strategy. Followed by a brief discussion, members agreed pending further review. Additional opportunities for input will be scheduled for the full membership.

Transition Discussion

Ms. Munson reminds members that this is her last call with EC members. She thanks all for the opportunity and states that it has been a great experience to work with members and staff. Mr. Asuncion thanks Mary for her service and acknowledges how much CSO has grown under her leadership.


Mr. Asuncion thanks the Executive Committee and adjourns the meeting at 4:40 pm.  The next EC meeting is scheduled for August 9, 2017.