Leo Asuncion welcomes members and takes a roll call.

Board Members present: Leo Asuncion (HI); Steve Couture (NH); Jill Andrews (GA); Kathleen Leyden (ME); Mike Friis (WI); Ronda Wuycheck (MI); Patty Snow (OR); Janice Castro (CNMI); Bruce Carlisle (MA); Matt Fleming (MD); Rebecca Prado (FL)

CSO staff present: Bradley Watson; Grant Williams; John Ryan-Henry; Mike Molnar; Bridget Cotti-Rausch; Bridget Faust

Approval of minutes from March 19, 2018

Steve Couture moves to approve the February minutes; Ronda Wuycheck seconds the motion; minutes are approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Couture reviews the Budget vs Actual document. He reports that dues are being received on schedule, and that the winter meeting had strong registration and that full expenditures are still being calculated as the month is closed out.


Ms. Wuycheck announces that her team submitted a proposal for the RAE conference and gives a thanks to Mike Molnar and John Ryan-Henry for their assistance. Ms. Wuycheck also announces that NOAA will be hosting a “Michigan Congressional Roundtable,” with Ms. Wuycheck presenting in May.

Mike Friis announces that members of his team will be presenting at the National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium this summer.

Mr. Asuncion announces that a NOAA team will present at the RAE conference on the establishment of the He’eia NERR. Bradley Watson announces that Rebecca Roth of NERRA broached the notion of a call with the NERRA and CSO boards to follow up their in-person meeting at the CSO Winter Meeting.

Chair’s Initiative Update

Mr. Asuncion reports that the next step in the initiative is to post the completed and approved plan to the website for members and the Executive Committee to use. CSO will always review the plan at each annual Winter Meeting to track progress and make any needed changes.

Hill Report

Grant Williams reports that CSO is waiting to see NOAA’s spend plan under the new omnibus and that staff is monitoring to see how the Oceans and Coastal Security Fund resources will be implemented.

Mr. Williams leads a discussion of CSO’s FY2019 ask in the wake of the FY2018 omnibus. The Executive Committee recommends that CSO maintain the same ask (updated for the new information), and to send a message to the full membership soliciting any objections with Executive Committee endorsement.

Mr. Williams presents the latest signature list from the Friends Letter. Mr. Williams reports on the status of the CZMA reauthorization bill. Mr. Watson reports on the status of the next WRDA.

New and Continuing Business

Mr. Molnar reports on the latest draft of the NOAA National CZM Strategic Plan.

Mr. Watson introduces Bridget Faust, a Wisconsin Sea Grant Water Resources Fellow who began on April 2 and will be hosted jointly between CSO and NOAA OCM.

Mr. Asuncion reports on the most recent NOAA Roundtable meeting and the status of the potential NOAA OCM Return on Investment project.

Mr. Molnar reports that draft 306A guidance and the new questionnaire have been published in the Federal Register. CSO staff is collecting member additions to the CSO comment until May 3, and will submit the CSO comment by the deadline of May 21.

Bridget Cotti-Rausch provides an update on new developments at the EPA, including the expected release of a new Executive Order on the National Ocean Policy by early May.

Mr. Molnar reports on the Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency Study. Ohio has submitted the letter of intent requested by USACE. The next step is to watch for the release of the USACE spend plan.

Mr. Watson provides an update on coordination with NFWF, including the creation of a points of contact directory and the development of regional webinars.

Work Group Updates

Mr. Williams announces that Ms. Faust will be staffing the Coastal NPS Work Group and that Georgia and Louisiana have been informed that the plan review process should be concluded soon.

For the Adaptation Work Group, Ms. Cotti-Rausch reports that she is working with the Work Group to develop a strategic path forward.

Mr. Watson and Mr. Molnar present the staff proposal for the formation of a Communications Work Group. Mr. Asuncion formally proposes the formation of the Group. The Communications Work Group is formed by voice vote.

Other Items

Mr. Watson provides an update on planning for the Fall Meeting. The meeting will be held in Rhode Island from October 15-19, 2018. There is also discussion of a training or workshop component to the meeting.

Mr. Molnar thanks members who submitted proposals for the RAE summit. He asks about Executive Committee interest in arranging a CSO business meeting or training in conjunction with the Summit.


Mr. Asuncion thanks the Executive Committee and adjourns the meeting at 4:45 pm.  The next EC meeting is scheduled for May 9, 2018.