Leo Asuncion welcomes members and takes roll call.

Members present: Leo Asuncion (HI); Mike Friis (WI); Brian Lynn (WA); Steve Couture (NH); Fran Castro (CNMI); Ronda Wuycheck (MI); Kevin Claridge (FL); Jill Andrews (GA);

CSO staff present: Mary Munson; Bradley Watson; Grant Williams; Norma Longhi; Erik Kamrath

Approval of minutes from April 12, 2017

Kevin Claridge requests a revision in the April minutes. Steve Couture moves to approve the April minutes with Mr. Claridge’s amendment; Brian Lynn seconds the motion; minutes are approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report & Development

Mr. Couture reviews the report included in the Treasurer’s Report and states that expenses are on track. He notes that the CSSF fee income is slower than expected.

Norma Longhi updates members on current dues payments and shares that New Jersey has just submitted their dues payment.

Chair’s Initiative Update – Strategic Planning Retreat

Mr. Asuncion updates members on the upcoming board retreat and thanks members for the comments received. Discussion follows about process timeline and sharing of information with partners. Ronda Wuycheck suggests a visit to the Michigan Maritime Museum.

Hill report

  • Friends Letter and Dear Colleagues

Grant Williams updates members on the status of the Friends and Dear Colleagues Letters. He mentions that there are currently over 200 signers, recruited by state delegates and CSO staff.

  • Appropriations

Mr. Williams shares that the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have released the text of the omnibus appropriations bill to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year in September. The text was released on Monday, May 1st.

  • Other

Mr. Williams reports that in recent meetings on the Hill, the topic of coastal non-point has attracted positive congressional interest. Mary Munson shares that the newly formed Congressional Estuary Caucus is holding a meeting today, and there is discussion about how this caucus compares with the coastal communities caucus.

  • Natural Infrastructure

Bradley Watson informs Ex Comm members that the U.S. Senate will hold a stakeholders meeting on natural infrastructure, and adds that Tony Pratt and Grover Fugate were invited to participate. He shares the suggestions made by the Environmental and Public Works Committee and asks members to share any examples they may have.

Project Developments & Updates

  • Great Lakes

Mr. Watson updates members on the current Great Lakes Study efforts and mentions that most states have successfully obtained their letter of support for the project. 

  • CSO Coastal Coalition Formation and Initial Mtg.

Mr. Asuncion reports that the meeting went very well and that it was well attended. He restates the goal of the meeting – shared message on coastal management – and thanks Erik Kamrath for his work. Erik Kamrath discusses further meeting details and shares the list of action items CSO will work on in the near future, including letters to Congress and Hill briefings.

  • Meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Karnig Ohannessian

Mr. Asuncion states that he was able to join the meeting in D.C. and comments that the Deputy Assistant Secretary wants to finds better ways to collaborate with states, especially where the Navy operates. Ms. Munson thanks Mr. Asuncion for his participation and states that Mr. Ohannessian appreciated the fact that CSO introduced him to the Chair. Mr. Ohannessian expressed interest in the CSO Fall meeting.

  • 2018 RAE/CSO Coastal Summit

Mr. Watson briefly reminds members about CSO’s partnership on the 2018 9th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management, and states that CSO will soon be asking states for input on different topics.

Fall Meeting Planning

Mr. Asuncion shares that the next planning meeting is scheduled for May 18th, and states that all members are welcome to participate. He also reminds members that the hotel reservation link is now available. Before concluding the meeting, Ms. Munson asks members for their input or suggestions on possible speakers’ for the Fall meeting.


Mr. Asuncion thanks the Executive Committee and adjourns the meeting at 4:10 pm.  The next EC meeting is scheduled for June 14, 2017.