Leo Asuncion welcomes members and takes roll call.

Members present: Leo Asuncion (HI); Steve Couture (NH); Ronda Wuycheck (MI); Mike Friis (WI); Patty Snow (OR); Kathleen (ME); Elyssa Finkelstein (FL)
CSO staff present: Bradley Watson; Grant Williams; Norma Longhi; John Ryan-Henry; Mike Molnar

Approval of minutes from August 9, 2017
In the absence of a quorum, there was no motion to approve the August minutes.

Bradley Watson shares that Timothy Gallaudet has been nominated to be the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere.
Mike Molnar discusses and updates members on the most recent changes proposed on CZMA 306A Guidance and Questionnaire. He mentions the relevant changes and reminds members that there will be another round of comments and edits before the final rule is posted in the Federal Register.
Patty Snow shares that the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development was awarded $285,000 from the NOAA Coastal Resilience Grants to work on preparing the coast for a Catastrophic Tsunami. Mike Friis shares that Wisconsin was also awarded a resilience grant to work on reducing damages from coastal hazards and to sustain the operation of their coastal economic assets.
Elyssa Finkelstein, from the FL DEP reports that the state still working on clean up after the most recent hurricane and states that Guana Tolomato Matanzas Research Reserve still closed.

District of Columbia CZMA
Grant Williams reports that last week CSO had a meeting with the staff of Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. to discuss a bill proposed in the US House of representatives to amend the Coastal Zone Management Act to include the District of Columbia in the definition of a coastal state, which would make D.C. eligible for federal coastal zone management funding.

Chairs Initiative Update
Mr. Asuncion reminds members to review and provide input on the draft version attached in the meeting announcement. He asks members to please submit their comments and edits to him and Mike Molnar by the next of next week.

Hill Report
Mr. Williams reports that the US Senate has passed a Continuing Resolution until December 8.
Mr. Williams discusses CSO’s Appropriations Request and Report Language for FY 2019, and asks members for their input on the process that will be presented during the Fall meeting. Mr. Williams suggests to have a separate call to gather input from the membership and asks for board advice. Mr. Watson further explains the intent of the meeting. Steve Couture, Patty Snow, and Ronda Wuycheck make some suggestions and recommendations. Mr. Williams states that he will send an invite to members to discuss strategies on funding.
Mr. Williams updates members on the Supplemental Legislation for Hurricane Harvey and Irma and confirms that FEMA will be solvent through the rest of the year. He adds that CSO will work with affected states and territories and NOAA to make sure the states are getting the much needed support.

Update on NOAA National CZM Strategic plan
Mike Molnar states that CSO has participated in four calls thus far, and that participation has been very good overall.

Work Group Updates
Coastal NPS Work Group
Mr. Williams reports that due to recent weather events, the Work Group call was cancelled.
Beach and Inlet Management Policy
USACE Disposal of Dredged Material Letter
Mr. Watson shares that CSO has submitted comments to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding beneficial use of clean dredged material for beach and marsh restoration. He adds that CSO has also facilitated for a Beneficial Use Coalition to sign on to its comments separately. John Ryan-Henry states that he has seen a very positive participation.
Adaptation Work Group
Mr. Watson states that the Tools White Paper has been completed and that a summary document will be shared during the Fall meeting.
Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Study
Mr. Molnar states that next Work Group meeting is scheduled for September 21 and that thus far participation and overall engagement has been very positive.
CSO Strategic Communications Plan Discussion
Mr. Molnar states that he is currently working on the needs assessment part of plan and reminds members to add their input via the survey he sent earlier. He adds that a call will be held tomorrow to discuss the scope of the project. Further details will be shared with members during the Fall meeting.
Government Relations Work Group Discussion
Mr. Watson suggests the creation of a new Work Group to address government relations issues. He asks for members’ feedback and states that a final decision can be made during the Fall meeting.

RAE/CSO Coastal Summit
Mr. Watson informs members that CSO continues its fundraising outreach to other organizations and state partners. Mr. Molnar states that he is participating on the program planning committee and that he is pleased to report that twenty CSO members have also joined the committee.

Fall Meeting Discussion and Updates
Mr. Williams states that he will be sending invitations to Hawaii Congressional members.Delegate Elections and Nomination Committee
Mr. Watson asks Mr. Asuncion to nominate two board members for the nomination committee. Mr. Asuncion asks for volunteers. Mr Couture and Ms. Snow are selected to join the nominations’ committee.
Mr. Asuncion discusses the need to realign the regional representative structure of CSO and suggests changes to increase island participation.
Fall Meeting Agenda Discussion
Mr. Watson briefly discusses the current draft agenda. Kathleen Leyden confirms her attendance on the upcoming Fall meeting.

Treasurer’s Report. Budget v. Actual (Attached) Report up to August 31. FY 18 CSO Budget discussion (Ex Com Members only and ED Only)
Mr. Couture briefly review the reports and states that there are no concerns with expenditures. As for the 2018 Budget, Mr. Couture states that he has no issues with what is being proposed and supports its approval at the Fall meeting.

Mr. Asuncion thanks the Executive Committee and adjourns the meeting at 4:30 pm. The next EC meeting is scheduled for October 16, 2017.