CSO Members,

Thanks for reading another edition of the CSO Newsletter Members Only Section. Please see the below Members Only announcements and information.

I’ll start with the news that my family has added a new member! Levi Palmer Watson was born at 7:19 pm (or 19:19 hours) on 7-7-19. Levi was 8 pounds and 10 ounces and both he and his mother are doing well. His big sister Louise is also excited to have a baby brother.

CSO Fall Meeting 2019 – We are thrilled that our CSO 2019 Fall Meeting will have the CSO Membership back in the Gulf Coast! We will meet in South Padre Island, Texas from November 4-8, 2019. Register here and we look forward to seeing you for a great meeting on the Gulf Coast!

CSO Work Group Updates:

Coastal Nonpoint Work Group: The full work group will have a call on Monday, July 15 at 2pm ET. Please reach out to John Ryan-Henry ([email protected]) with questions or concerns.

Communications Work Group: The Communications Work Group continues work on the Federal Consistency Fact Sheet and is starting work on a Beneficial Use Fact Sheet. We would like to include state / territory examples of Beneficial Use of Dredged Materials and the role CZ Programs played. To add some visual flair – photos of those projects would be nice. Please send an email to [email protected] if you have an item you would like to highlight.

We continue our efforts to improve our mutual Social Media presence. If you have projects or events that you would like to highlight – please send a brief description of the item (including web links to information, and photos) to [email protected] Also, please be sure to follow/like our social media pages.

Other Updates:

CSO Member Survey Request: CSO recently sent a survey out to the programs to demonstrate the need for resources to support natural infrastructure projects in underserved and vulnerable coastal communities. If you have not already, please take some time and complete the survey. Responses requested by C.O.B. on July 19. One response per program is appreciated. Survey Link

Draft BRIC Comments: DEADLINE MONDAY JULY 15. FEMA is informally soliciting stakeholder input on the development of the Building Resilient Communities and Infrastructure (BRIC) program. CSO has developed draft comments in partnership with the Natural Infrastructure Coalition – see the draft comments here (with attachment). Please send any feedback or questions to John Ryan-Henry ([email protected]). This is an opportunity to highlight state priorities and concerns early during the drafting process, before a draft guidance document is released for formal public comment this Fall. CSO has prepared draft comments. Comments will be accepted through next Monday, July 15, on IdeaScale at https://fema.ideascale.com/a/campaign-home/61112 or by email at [email protected]

Send CSO your FEMA feedback: Thank you to all the members who provided responses to our survey of member insights and priorities regarding FEMA’s mitigation programs. View the results here. CSO staff will use this information to guide our hazard mitigation engagement work going forward. For those who have not completed the survey– if you have responses or material you want us to share with FEMA in our ongoing engagement, you can still complete the questionnaire or reach out to John Ryan-Henry ([email protected]).

Great Lakes Shoreline Habitat Assessment: CSO staff started work on the Great Lakes Shoreline Habitat Assessment project. The work is funded by EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funds by way of NOAA. The first call with State Planning Team members is slated for Friday July 12.

CRS Resources Update: The CRS Users Group Directory is now available for Members under the Issue Pages tab.

Webinar Announcements:

(1) Webinars on the Community Rating System: The CRS Webinar Series provides training opportunities to communities that are not yet participating in the Community Rating System or local government staff that are new to the CRS, and to local government staff with experience in the CRS. The Series includes basic introductory sessions and more advanced topics, most averaging about an hour in length. Register here and see topics and dates below.

July 16 Developing a Repetitive Loss Area Analysis
July 17 Flood Warning & Response (Activity 610)

(2) CSO-OCM Series Recordings: CSO has been co-hosting a webinar series with NOAA OCM aimed at connecting you and your staff to relevant Digital Coast resources since December 2018. Thanks for all of your participation in the last few months! For those of you that haven’t been able to participate, you can find recordings of parts 1-4 of this webinar series online at coastalstates.org/webinars. Please contact Bridget Faust with any questions.

Thank you for reading another edition of the CSO Member’s only newsletter and please be in touch with myself or relevant staff on any of the items above.


Bradley Watson
Executive Director
Coastal States Organization