The Florida Coastal Office, in consultation with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and NOAA, is continuing efforts to help ensure collaboration within coastal communities and offer technical assistance and funding to coastal communities addressing flooding and erosion. Communities are able to learn about and conduct vulnerability assessments, adaptation planning, and implementation through the Florida Adaptation Planning Guidebook. The guidebook assists coastal communities in preparing for and dealing with the effects of sea level rise, flooding, erosion, and ecosystem changes. The guide is intended to be used by local government planners in cities and counties.

Florida’s Community Resilience Initiative hosts several applicable resources for local governments. One pertaining to CRS is titled, Crediting Adaptation Strategies through the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System Coordinator’s Manual – A Resource for Florida’s Local Governments, provides information with CRS and implementing sea level rise adaptation strategies. This allows local governments to identify which strategies to address sea level rise will also lead to CRS credit. FEMA Region IV has created a workforce to support communities and first responders to work together to build, sustain, and improve capabilities to mitigate all hazards.

There are currently 230 communities participating in the CRS. In fact, the highest CRS rating city is Ocala, which is class 3 and earns 35 percent discount on flood insurance premiums in the Special Hazard Area (SFHA).