The Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Program (LMCP) is undertaking numerous projects under its § 309 Enhancement Project to support coordination and partnerships among local, state, and federal agencies as well as local organizations for the protection and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources. Educating communities on becoming more resilient is a big priority for the LMCP, and it starts with their Coastal Training Program (CTP). LMCP’s Coastal Training Program works to enhance and educate communities building sustainably, including working with natural habitats, data planning, flood damage and hazard mitigation.

The LMCP plans to develop a Coastal Hazards section in the curriculum of their CTP. The Coastal Hazards objective is to eliminate development and redevelopment in high-hazard areas; manage development in hazard areas; and anticipate and manage the effects of Great Lakes level changes.

In partnership with the Illinois Sea Grant, the LMCP is also working to implement a Green Infrastructure Training Program, which helps communities understand the background on stormwater runoff through practices such as rain gardens, bioswales, vegetated buffer strips, and open space corridors.