The Louisiana Office for Coastal Management (OCM) is conducting a pilot program under its § 309 Coastal Enhancement Strategy to incorporate CRS criteria into its coastal permitting process. The multifaceted program includes a mix of guidance and technical assistance in order to increase flood resilience, improve accessibility for emergency responders, and reduce long-term maintenance costs. LOCM and partners worked with St. Tammany Parish to develop a model ordinance regulating base elevation for all new subdivision roads based on historical flood information. The Parish has adopted the ordinance for all future development. Another § 309 project is developing a method to incorporate the CRS criteria from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) into local coastal use permit authorizations, utilizing a Local Coastal Management Program (LCMP) as the model. Other tools being used by the Louisiana OCM are powered by Digital Coast partners. LOCM is also working with local institutions such as The Water Institute of the Gulf to encourage more communities to join the CRS.