What is SAGE?

SAGE, the Systems Approach to Geomorphic Engineering, is a
community of practice dedicated to protecting our coastlines. Coastal
areas are home to more than half of the U.S. population, rich in natural
resources, and vital to our economy. Increasingly, shorelines are
subject to intense storms, floods, loss of habitat, and sea-level rise.
SAGE promotes the use of both green (natural and nature-based)
and gray (hard, structural engineering) approaches to make our
coasts more resilient. Our systems approach addresses large areas
of shoreline to foster thriving communities and flourishing natural
ecosystems. For more information visit:

Living Shoreline Brochure

Innovative approaches are necessary as
our coastal communities and shorelines
are facing escalating risks from more
powerful storms, accelerated sea-level
rise, and changing precipitation patterns
that can result in dramatic economic
losses. While the threats of these events
may be inevitable, understanding how
to adapt to the impact is important as
we explore how solutions will ensure the
resilience of our coastal communities
and shorelines