Call to Action

To highlight the importance of the Coastal Zone Management Programs with decision makers at the federal level, CSO is gathering signatures on a letter to be used broadly with both federal agencies and congressional offices.

The letter, which can be found here, expresses support for the CZM programs and the continued federal-state partnership and funding necessary to maintaining effective state programs.

We ask that you please fill out the information below and add your voice as one of the multitude of businesses, organizations, and individuals that rely on effective coastal management every day.


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Below is information about how you can make an impact and help protect the National Coastal Zone Management Program. 

Press Release of Friends of CZMA Letter

Friends of CZMA Letter

Petition Congress to Support Coastal Zone Management

Slideshow of State Coastal Programs

Call, write, and email your Senators and Congressman (lookup here) and relay the below talking points that support the need to keep vital CZM funding.


Talking Points

  • Thirty five states and territories leverage the CZM program’s federal support to stimulate coastal economies and jobs, protect vital shoreline habitats and natural features, enhance public access and recreation, defend against coastal storms, and fund local actionable science.

  • The CZMA strongly reinforces states’ rights by putting the decision-making authority in the hands of states and coastal communities, requiring federal actions to be consistent with state laws and policies, and positioning the federal government as a source of resources, and technical support and guidance on national interests.

  • States match federal CZM funds virtually dollar-for-dollar, which demonstrates the value and importance of this shared investment.  In FY 2016, coastal states and territories put up over $59 million towards this investment.

  • The CZM Program has proven its value over its 45 years history, helping support and protect vibrant coastal communities and economies.

  • The coastal zone contributes $359 billion to the US GDP.  In 2014, the ocean economy, which includes six economic sectors that depend on the ocean and Great Lakes, contributed more than $352 billion to the U.S. GDP while supporting 3.1 million jobs.

  • Although coastal counties comprise less than 10% of the land area on continental U.S., they are home to 39% of the population.

  • These are some of the nation’s densest, most productive areas.  A mere 14% of counties produce 45% of the nation’s GDP, and support three million jobs.

  • Healthy coastal ecosystems, made possible by coastal management, sustain the human environment, provide jobs, and protect communities from storm impacts.

  • State coastal management programs provide public access points and other benefits to enable a multitude of recreational activities in the coastal zone. These recreational activities are also a large contributor to local, state and national economies.

  • Ports are almost exclusively in the coastal zone and  make up a major component of commerce in the United States. “In 2016, the U.S. maritime transportation system carried $1.5 trillion of cargo through U.S. seaports to and from our international trading partners.”