Please join us to hear how scientists and local, state, and federal officials are working towards building resilient coastlines to better protect our homes, businesses, and livelihoods. Speakers will highlight excellent examples of federal and state/local partnerships that aid local resilience and mitigate impacts from climate change and coastal storm events.

Coastal zone management provides the vision and coordination necessary to maintain the viability and continuity of our coasts by:
• Managing finite resources
• Preserving coastal communities and ecosystems
• Harmonizing economies and ecosystems
• Maximizing coastal partnership opportunities.

The first in a series, the Coastal States Organization (CSO) and The Coastal Society (TCS) are hosting this forum to draw attention to the value and usefulness of the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) and state CZM programs to local coastal communities, and to highlight local coastal community efforts to mitigate climate change and coastal storm impacts. A distinguished panel of speakers will discuss the CZMA, National Ocean Service priorities, and efforts by local communities to better manage coastal resources through collaboration with state and federal partners and other key constituents.