Hawai’i Resilience Planning

The State of Hawaiʻi’s Office of Planning and Sustainable Development’s Statewide Sustainability Program, which includes the Hawaiʻi Coastal Zone Managmenet Program, recently updated the Hawaiʻi 2050 Sustainability Plan to serve as the State’s sustainability and climate strategic action plan; align the State’s goals, policies, and actions with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; and recommend sustainability and climate change actions for 2020–2030. The revised plan will guide the coordination and implementation of Hawaiʻi’s sustainability and climate adaptation goals, principles, and policies, pursuant to Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes §226-65.  It will also provide recommendations for a sustainable and resilient economic recovery for Hawaiʻi.

The Hawai’i Coastal Zone Management Program is collaborating with emergency managers on the development of high-resolution, probabilistic tsunami design zone maps compatible with the American Society of Civil Engineers. The work has been a multi-year process to deliver more accurate mapping and modeling, which will also help lead to changes to county building codes for the safety and resilience of Hawai’i.