CSO and ASBPA Joint Beach and Inlet Management Policy

The Coastal States Organization (CSO) represents the nation’s coastal states, territories, and commonwealths on ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes issues. The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) is dedicated to merging science and policy to preserve, protect, and enhance the beaches, shores, and coastal systems of the United States of America. Together these organizations represent state, local government, industry, and community stakeholder interests in managing and maintaining healthy beaches, dunes, and coastal inlets together with responsible coastal development.

The U.S. coasts face unprecedented challenges including rising sea and lake levels, increasing storm intensity, coastal erosion, and lack of available sediment. The Coastal Zone Management Act provides an important framework for federal-state collaboration to address these issues; however, increased investments by Congress, federal agencies, and states are needed to tackle these issues. Coastal managers need funding, robust science, and effective national policies and technical assistance for sediment management, permitting, and shoreline development to balance the multiple uses and values of our coastal resources, while ensuring those values are maintained or improved for future generations.

CSO and ASBPA strongly support the following five policy positions, and commit to working together to see these objectives fulfilled.

Download the Full Joint Policy (PDF)