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CSO Offshore Energy & Infrastructure Work Group

March 24, 2021 Call Notes
3:00pm-4:00pm ET | 2:00pm-3:00pm CT | 12:00pm-1:00pm PT


  • Blatt, David (CT)
  • Brunatti, Megan (NJ)
  • Burrowes, Todd (ME)
  • Caracciolo, Deanna (OR)
  • Dennehy, Casey (WA)
  • Gathen, Kari (NY)
  • Govoni, Daniel (NC)
  • Hassell, Kevin (NJ)
  • Hogan, Mark (LA)
  • Huckelbridge, Kate (CA)
  • Kinsey-Carlsen, Shana (FL)
  • Krupa, Sara (LA)
  • Lanier, Andy (OR)
  • Lieske, Kristi (DE)
  • McLean, Laura (NY)
  • Mensch, Laura (DE)
  • Michaels, Karen (CT)
  • Neale, Barbara (SC)
  • Nunez, Amy (TX)
  • Reulet, Charles (LA)
  • Ryan-Henry, John (CSO)
  • Snow, Patty (OR)
  • Snyder, Mike (NY)
  • Watson, Bradley (CSO)
  • Williams, Chris (NH)


  1. Welcome
  2. Chair/Staff Update
    1. Staff provided an update on the upcoming NROC/CSO Webinar on Geographic Location Descriptions with Grover Fugate (fmr RI CRMC). In addition, the work group may also host a future call or training with BOEM on National Marine Minerals Information System if there is interest.
    2. Staff continues to monitor NOAA’s federal consistency rulemaking and the new administration’s raft of executive orders calling for revisited or new rulemakings. CEQ has indicated that it is considering “whether to propose to amend or repeal the 2020 rule, in whole or in part.”
  3. Discussion: Offshore Policy Development (25 min)
    1. CSO’s 2020-2022 Chair’s Initiative Work Group has requested that OEI Work Group lead development of an updated CSO ocean policy. Staff presented policy focus areas identified on the January call and requested feedback.
    2. Feedback:
      1. The policy on energy development should address adverse impacts on commercial fishing, for-hire recreational fishing, and maritime commerce.
      2. The policy should include provision for federal support for and participation on regional ocean partnerships and regional ocean data portals.
      3. The provision on coordination across regions should include a goal for standardized monitoring methods / requirements.
      4. The provision emphasizing the importance of federal consistency should focus on the status quo – keeping federal consistency strong as a mechanism for state involvement in planning and decision making.
      5. Several members may support language about updating regulations that have become outdated since BOEM adopted OSW regulations with incompatible timelines.
      6. The “status quo” approach would be covered by using the verb “remain” rather than “sustain.”
      7. Language should broaden to include all stages of development.
      8. The policy statement on revenue sharing should include mention of renewable energy in general, not just offshore wind energy.
      9. The policy statement on data should specifically reference seafloor mapping.
      10. There was general agreement that CSO does not need language calling to reinstate RPBs, but instead should focus on federal support for and participation in ROPs.
      11. Any language about OSW development should include language calling for coordination on regional transmission planning.
    3. Draft language will be reviewed on the May call.
  4. Member Updates (20 min)
    1. New York
      1. Ms. McLean reports that the NY Public Service Commission approved the transmission plan for the South Fork Wind project in March 2021
    2. Delaware
      1. Ms. Mensch reports that Orstead’s Skipjack project has shifted its timeline back to 2026 to seek a landfall site.
      2. Delaware intends to submit comments on the proposed IHA for Skipjack released in February 2021.
    3. North Carolina
      1. Mr. Govoni reports that North Carolina expects to receive a consistency determination for Dominion Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind because of visual impacts.
  5. Adjourn



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  7. Past CSO Policies:
    1. Renewable Energy (2009)
    2. National Ocean Policy (2009)
    3. OCS Revenue Sharing (2006)
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