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CSO Offshore Energy & Infrastructure Work Group

May 26, 2021 Call Agenda
3:00pm-4:30pm ET | 2:00pm-3:30pm CT | 12:00pm-1:30pm PT


  1. Chair/Staff Update (5 min)
    1. Regulatory/Legislative Update
    2. Follow-up from NROC/CSO Webinar on Geographic Location Descriptions
  2. Presentation/Discussion: Oregon Ocean Shores Policy Fellow Presentation (30 min)
    1. Presentation and discussion of fellowship project work, including draft guidance on Geographic Location Description development
  3. Discussion: Offshore Policy Development (25 min)
    1. CSO’s 2020-2022 Chair’s Initiative Work Group has requested that OEI Work Group lead development of an updated CSO ocean policy.
    2. Please review the attached draft language and come prepared to provide input.
    3. If needed, the work group can set up a side call in June to dive deeper on any language or topics identified on this call.
  4. Member Updates (15 min)
    1. Every call, we will hold a round-robin Member Update session for each program to provide brief updates on what has been happening in their state/territory, and to share questions and concerns with the group.
  5. NOAA Partner Discussion: Sharing Enforceable Policies for OSW (15 min)
    1. OCM partners will join the last 15 minutes of the call to discuss an opportunity to partner with the OEI work group on a peer-to-peer information sharing event on the development of renewable energy-focused CZMA enforceable policies, as well as development of a repository of examples and resources.
  6. Adjourn



  1. CSO OEI WG May 2021 Agenda
  2. CSO OEI WG March 2021 Notes
  3. Chair’s Initiative Policy Draft Language
  4. CSO OEI WG Contact List
  5. Past CSO Policies:
    1. Renewable Energy (2009)
    2. National Ocean Policy (2009)
    3. OCS Revenue Sharing (2006)
    4. Ocean Governance (2000)