Work Groups

From time to time, CSO members convene Work Groups to implement specific initiatives or explore topic areas that are of importance to the membership. CSO also supports a state Legal Council, which convenes to discuss pertinent legal issues and provide a network of state attorneys focusing on coastal and ocean issues. Active Work Groups include:

Coastal Hazards Planning & Adaptation Work Group

Co-Chairs: Nathalie Morison & Jennifer Kline

The Adaptation Work Group provides guidance to CSO on legislative and policy issues related to climate change. They engage with federal agencies and national NGOs on priorities for coastal resilience and adaptation. The Work Group developed the CSO Coastal Hazards Policy, which was adopted in 2013.

Staff POC: Rob Porro

Coastal Non-Point Source Pollution Work Group

Co-Chairs: Autumn Nitz & Kelly Hill

The Coastal NPS Work Group facilitates information sharing between federal agencies and states, working with states individually and collectively to respond to water quality issues. The Work Group meets regularly to discuss priority Management Measures and other relevant topics, providing insight and information sharing to support states in attaining water quality goals.

Staff POC: Matt Smith

Communications Work Group

Co-Chairs: Kim Cole and Steve Holland

The purpose of the Communications Work Group is to equip the CSO membership and staff with communications tools and messages that clearly communicate the value of coastal management programs and advance support for CSO and the CZMA. Work Group Members provide input and guidance on messaging materials, identify connections with social media campaigns, and participate in communications community of practice.

Staff POC: Rachel Keylon

Offshore Energy Infrastructure Work Group

The Offshore Energy and Infrastructure Work Group provides a platform for coordination between CSO member programs and for constructive engagement with external partners on process issues in the state-federal partnership for managing the offshore domain.

Staff POC: John Ryan-Henry

CSO Legal Council

The CSO Legal Council brings together state attorneys and coastal zone managers to discuss timely legal themes and issues impacting the coastal states. The group works to provide opportunities for members to coordinate with other states on key issues and cases, share ideas, and network with counterparts from across the nation.

Staff POC: John Ryan-Henry